Travel in Jordan by bus, taxi or plane: Everything you want to know

Travel in Jordan by bus, taxi or plane: Everything you want to know

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If you prefer not to rent a car, it is possible to travel in Jordan by public transport. In general, public transport in this country is well organised. Traveling in this way will take more effort and, above all, time to see everything during your trip. You can read more about the options and tips in this article. Would you rather have a rental car during your trip? Read all about that in this article.

Traveling by bus

The most common way to travel between cities is on the local buses. There are bus stations in every city where you can easily get on a bus. These are often minibuses for 15 to 18 people. Because there is no official timetable with fixed departure and arrival times, the buses only leave when they are full. You may experience long wait times on less traveled routes. On popular and more advanced routes you don’t have to wait long. You can always ask your hotel where the bus leaves from before you set off again. The bus tickets are not very expensive, you can think of about 1 JD per hour. Rates do increase slightly on popular routes to famous sights. For example, a bus ride from Petra to Wadi Rum costs about 5 JD.

Another option is to travel with organized bus companies, the largest of which is JETT (Jordan Express Tourist Transportation). These buses are often more luxurious, better maintained and have air conditioning and toilets on board. The bus tickets are more expensive, but you get great value for your money. Usually the buses depart from local offices and booking in advance is required. You can find the current bus times, routes and prices here.

Note: In Jordan it is customary for tourists not to sit next to a Jordanian of the opposite sex on the bus. Men sit next to men and women next to women.

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Traveling by taxi

The official taxis in Jordan are indicated in color, so they are easy to recognize. In Amman they are yellow and in Aqaba green and blue. Especially in Amman you will often take a taxi if you prefer not to walk the distances between sights and attractions. Fortunately, the prices in Amman are favorable, as the taxi drivers still use the meter. Take into account approximately 1 JD per kilometer. Outside the major cities you are likely to negotiate with the driver before you leave. The taxis will take you everywhere for a reasonable price, for example to attractions outside the cities. You can also ask the hotel where you are staying to call a reliable taxi for you and agree on a price in advance.

Officially, you won’t find Uber in Jordan because its use is prohibited. Yet Uber is widely used in Amman, and only in Amman. You will not find Uber taxis in other cities. A VPN connection is not needed here, the Uber app just works and immediately shows the available cars. You (or a traveling companion) are expected to sit next to the driver. This makes it look like you are riding with someone and not on a taxi ride.

Traveling by train

Jordan currently has no option to travel by train. Simply because the train connections do not exist.

Traveling by plane

Royal Jordanian is the only airline that allows you to fly domestically. They fly twice a day between Amman (Queen Alia Airport) and Aqaba. The flight tickets for a single trip start at 27 JD and the flight takes about 55 minutes. Checking in also takes some time, making the travel time approximately 2 to 2.5 hours in total. If you make the journey by car, it will take about 4 to 5 hours. After landing, you will soon have to rely on local buses or taxis to take you to your destination.

Of course, flying is the most damaging to nature. But more importantly, you miss the beautiful landscapes that you see during your bus, taxi or car ride. Do you still choose to fly and would you like to limit the impact? Then choose to offset your CO2 emissions when booking your flight.


Traveling by bike

Cycling through Jordan is certainly an option and often guarantees a great adventure. There is a good chance that you will be looked at strangely when you cycle through villages and towns. In Jordan, only a small part of the population uses a bicycle. This usually happens in the flat parts of the country. Furthermore, the country has many steep hills and there are inattentive drivers on the road. It is often very hot in Jordan, so make sure you have enough water with you. Cycling in Jordan is therefore completely at your own risk, but it can also provide you great stories.

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Whichever way you choose to travel through Jordan, enjoy its fantastic sights, warm culture and rich history.

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