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We would be happy to share our rich experiences and handy tips & tricks with you, so that you can get the most out of a country or destination with our travel routes and have a wonderful adventure.

About us

Hello traveler!

We are Diede and Borsjan, two friends who have been making the most beautiful trips and craziest adventures since 2012. Through good preparation and consulting the local population, we come to the most amazing places. We always record these adventures and noticed that others used our experiences to plan their own trips. Therefore, we want to share this with you as well and provide you with all the handy tips & tricks. You can count on seeing a lot of a country or destination with our travel routes and having a beautiful adventure.

Like everyone else, we browse through different websites to plan our trips and get ready to go. However, we always miss something and use many different sources to put everything together. We would like to do better and create a complete platform with Your Travel Sidekick to help you travel well prepared. Discover the world, enrich yourself and connect with others. But above all, travel is really for everyone!


Foto over ons Diede

I am an analytical brain with a heart full of adventure. I love to make a strict plan and then completely throw it overboard because there always seems to be "something cool" somewhere. This is what makes exploring our beautiful world so fantastic for me. I believe that travel is really for everyone and I would like to contribute to that. Sharing my experiences and tips to make your travels unforgettable is what I do it for. Do you want to see undiscovered places, have an adventure or need help planning your next adventure, I would be happy to help you!



In addition to my passion for travel, I am also very involved in sports. Mainly volleyball, but I am also a sports instructor and presenter. I am always busy getting other people to play sports and experience how beautiful sport can be. In addition, my experiences have shown me that travel is also important. Not only to discover the world, but also yourself. You learn so many other cultures, languages and customs, that you always come back richer from it. I would like to share this with as many people as possible to connect the world. So if you want tips on where this can be done best, I am happy to help you!

Our amazing team

Discovering beautiful adventurous destinations and pouring our experiences into handy articles takes a lot of time. That's why we work with fantastic people who make it a lot easier for us. We would be happy to introduce them to you.


Andy is the developer of our awesome website and works under the name Onepixel. Thanks to Andy, we don't have to worry about all the things that come with a website


We can write in a fun way, but the articles must be grammatically perfect. Our Dutch teacher ensures this by reviewing everything.


We would like our English articles to be perfect as well, so this English teacher reads our pieces to see if they can be improved.

Do you want to work together? Let's go!

With our sense of adventure, we develop content campaigns across multiple platforms that people connect with. This ensures that the content seamlessly aligns with both the customer and the user. As a customer, you are guaranteed success when you work with us. We are happy to work with brands, tourism boards and sustainable businesses, among others.

As a platform, we are focused on an adventurous travel audience with a combined interest in travel, photography and sustainability. We focus on social media marketing, product/travel photography and brand partnerships.

Do you think we can do something for you? Then we would love to hear from you!