All the beautiful hotels in Bulgaria

All the beautiful hotels in Bulgaria

A nice overview of all the hotels and stays in Bulgaria. Already sorted in alphabetical order via the cities and villages. An easy way to find your perfect place to stay in Bulgaria.


Ecopark Tuzlata

Ecopark Tuzlata BulgarijeAs the name suggests, in the nature-friendly Ecopark Tuzlata, you can rent a delightful room in a beautiful forest, with the beach nearby. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can peacefully enjoy the beauty of Bulgarian nature. Right next to the water, from your terrace, you can watch the sunrise in the morning and hear birds singing.

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Banskovilla Zlateva House

Afbeelding uit fotogalerij van de accommodatie

The 700-year-old Banskovilla Zateva guesthouse provides complete relaxation after hiking, thanks to its homely atmosphere and welcoming and open people. Also the surroundings are a sought-after place for those who love peace and space. If your preference is also for lots of nature, walking, and hiking, book a room quickly!

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Hotel Uniqato

Afbeelding uit fotogalerij van de accommodatieThe name of the hotel, Hotel Uniqato, says it all, unique. With spacious rooms and an extremely convenient location in winter for the ski lift and in summer for the park, this is an easy choice. With good facilities, such as the underground parking garage and the restaurant, you are provided for in every way. Perfect for resting after an intense day in the Pirin Mountains.

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MM Boutique Hotel

MM Boutique Hotel in Bulgarije BurgasThe beautiful and new MM Boutique hotel is centrally located in Burgas and offers a stunning view of the city. This three-star hotel, which feels like a four-star hotel, has a modern and sleek design. You can also enjoy delicious dining in one of the many cafes or terraces nearby. A perfect place to stay after a lovely day in Burgas or Nesebar.

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Family Aparthotel Vintegra

Family Aparthotel Vintegra BurgasFamily Aparthotel Vintegra is located a bit further from the beach and the city, allowing you to relax while still being within walking distance of all amenities. The apartment provides ample space for relaxation at an affordable price. The advantage is that you can prepare your own meals here and do laundry. So, for an excellent stay, book here.

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Once upon a time

Hotel Koprivtitsa BulgarijeOnce upon a time is a stone and wood guesthouse and gives you a homey feeling thanks to the hospitality of the owners. The warm rooms create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, especially when you step out of the bath. Additionally, it is in the best place in Bulgaria to breathe in the fresh air. The spirit of the past provides a relaxed and peaceful feeling during your stay.

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Hotel Bolyarka

Hotel Bolyarka Melnik, BulgarijeThis beautiful, authentic hotel Bolyarka, located in the center with great extras and a delightful breakfast. Situated in the old part of the city, next to the old Turkish steam bath, it is the most central place you can find. Enjoy delicious Bulgarian wine in the restaurant and relax in one of the free wellness facilities.

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Hotel Melnik

Hotel Melnik Bulgarije Booking.comThe elevated position just above Melnik gives Hotel Melnik an extra touch of prestige with its fantastic view over the village. It’s warm and dark decor gives you a wonderful homecoming feeling as soon as you step into the lobby. The spacious rooms offer a beautiful view, and you can enjoy the sauna or hot tub after your walk, the perfect place to stay.

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Hotel Saint John Baptist

Saint John Baptist Hotel Nesebar, BulgarijeThe Saint John Baptist hotel, located at the harbor, offers you all the luxury you desire. In addition to the harbor, the old Roman amphitheater is nearby as well. A perfect place to stay.


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Green Life Family Apartments

Pamporova Green Life Familiy Apartments Booking.comThis simple, affordable apartment complex, Green Life Family Apartments, is surrounded by greenery. In winter, this complex is very close to the ski resort, but in summer, it is surrounded by trees and beautiful views. You can dine in the hotel and relax at the bar. Additionally, there is a free sauna and steam bath. Or order a delightful massage after a day of exploring the surroundings.

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Boutique Guest House Yes For You

Boutique Guest House Yes For You, Plovdiv, BulgarijeYou’ll find this rustic, well-located, and unique boutique guesthouse Yes For You, next to the old town. From here, you can explore the city perfectly, as the guesthouse is near the Kapana district. The staff and the host are incredibly receptive and friendly, doing everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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Boutique Guest House Coco

Boutique hotel Coco Plovdiv Bulgarije Booking.comThe beautiful Boutique Guest House Coco is located in the center of Plovdiv. A lovely, comfortable, and service-oriented guesthouse, perfectly situated in the heart of Plovdiv. The clean and spacious rooms provide an optimal experience of this beautiful city, allowing you to visit this cultural hub feeling rested and relaxed.

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Hotel Ego

Hotel Ego Plovdiv Bulgarije Booking.comThe modern Hotel Ego offers large and spacious rooms. A notable detail is that there is no carpet in the rooms, only parquet flooring, which is more hygienic and pleasant to stay in. With its strategic location and excellent facilities, this hotel will enhance your stay in Plovdiv. You can easily walk from the hotel to the old part of Plovdiv. A perfect accommodation during your stay.

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Park & Spa Hotel Markovo

Park en Spa hotel Markovo PlovdivPark & Spa Hotel Markovo offers numerous facilities and pools. The hotel has large rooms that are perfect for a family stay when exploring the beautiful Plovdiv. Or, if you simply enjoy a refreshing swim after a perfect day in Plovdiv. This luxury four-star hotel features both indoor and outdoor pools. Take advantage of the many spa facilities.

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Venis House

Venis House Plovdiv Bulgarije Booking.comThe apartments at Venis House are spacious, allowing you to relax and prepare your own meals. A significant advantage is the comfortable beds, all at a price that you won’t easily find elsewhere. It is located just outside the city center, providing a peaceful environment, yet everything is within walking distance. If you have a (rental) car, parking is convenient here.

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Centaur Family Hotel

Centaur Family Hotel Rila BulgarijeA family-oriented guesthouse, that’s the best way to describe Centaur Family Hotel. With extremely friendly people treating you as if you’re part of the good side of the family. The beds here are delightful, especially after an intense day. You have a beautiful view of the valley from the clean rooms. And if you want to know more about the surroundings, buses, and tours, the hostess can tell you everything about it.

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Grand Hotel Riga

Grand Roese Bulgarije Booking.comDue to its stunning location on the Danube, Grand Hotel Riga is fantastic. From the room, but especially from the restaurant and the roof, you have a breathtaking view. A delightful place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset over the Danube. On the other side, you overlook the beautiful square. Always value for your money here.

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Guesthouse Mirage

Guest Rooms Ribarska Hizha ShablaGuesthouse Mirage is located in the heart of Shabla, this beautiful guesthouse offers a private pool, excellent amenities, and a wonderful host. You can relax in the beautiful garden and you are only 10 minutes away from the beach. A great place to stay.


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Central Club Hotel Sofia

Central Club Hotel Sofia BulgarijeThe centrally located Central Club Hotel offers a relaxation area, so you don’t have to leave the hotel for some relaxation. Thanks to its location, you can also explore Sofia perfectly without carrying all your luggage. You are, for example, two minutes away from various attractions, such as the Lions Bridge, Market Hall, and Independence Square.

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Boutique Hotel L do Rado

Afbeelding uit fotogalerij van de accommodatieAt Boutique Hotel L do Rado, the staff is as warm as the atmosphere the decor radiates. The open and bright design creates a natural and welcoming space. The rustic style and spacious rooms provide a homely feeling, ensuring you’re always comfortable here! A warm welcome awaits if you book a room here.

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Oborishte 63 Boutique Hotel – ex Sofia Residence

Oborishte 63 Sofia Bulgarije Booking.comEach room is different at Oborishte 63 Boutique Hotel, just like at home. Except, this mansion has been converted into a hotel, with only large and extremely beautiful rooms. Each room is uniquely designed, giving a different feeling every time you enter. A hotel like this is not encountered often; booking a room here is almost a must.

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Rosslyn Central Park Hotel Sofia

Central Park Sofia Bulgarije Booking.comRosslyn Central Park Hotel is located in the heart of the city and offers many facilities. But the most beautiful thing about the hotel is the surroundings, which you can enjoy because everything is within walking distance. Another way to enjoy is from the room, where you have a beautiful panorama of the city. The warmth is felt here with the professionalism of the staff.

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Art Complex Anel

Art Complex Anel Sozopol BulgarijeThe Art Complex Anel with it’s beautiful sculptures, amazing swimming pool and the best views over the Black Sea. If you’re in this hotel, you’ll have the most awesome time in Sozopol. Guaranteed the best place to discover the city and enjoy this amazing complex.


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Hotel Lodge

Afbeelding uit fotogalerij van de accommodatieWalking through the Lazy Pyramid gives you a magnificent view from the rooftop. The Lodge is the perfect place to stay for a good overview. You can reach the beach in ten minutes or take a refreshing dip in the hotel’s pool. Park your car in the underground garage and step straight into the main street from the hotel.

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Belle Epoque Beach

Family hotel Belle Epoque Beach VarnaThe beautiful Belle Epoque Beach hotel on the beach has all the conveniences you need. The Belle Epoque concept is about unique and beautiful rooms close to all amenities. Relax in the jacuzzi and have breakfast on their beautiful terrace. There is even a Dutch-speaking receptionist here. Everything is taken care of for you, and you are quickly at the most beautiful locations such as the beach and the Sea Garden.

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Veliko Tarnovo

Guest house Diabora-Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo Diabora Guest House BulgarijeThis fantastically detailed Diabora guesthouse makes you think of a house from the Middle Ages, with modern techniques. The warmth and homeliness created by the plants and staff make it complete. This authentic and characterful guesthouse is centrally located and is an absolute recommendation.

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Bridges Residence

Bridges Residence, Veliko Tarnovo, booking.comBridges Residence hotel is particularly popular because the owner and staff are very involved. Additionally, it is an allergy-free hotel with comfortable beds, aromatherapy, and the option for massages. A perfect combination of friendliness and service. You are welcomed here with a cocktail (or mocktail) to make you feel even more at home.

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Hotel Complex Chayka

Complex Hotel Chayka Vratsa Booking.comHotel Complex Chayka offers a breathtaking view of the mountains and nature, creating a sense of serenity. A hotel with surroundings that are perfect for your mental peace. Take a stroll through the wooded area or along the riverbanks, all just a stone’s throw away from the hotel. Rest on the comfortable beds in the clean and tidy rooms.

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Bulgaria offers you a lot of nature, culture, and history, but also relaxation and entertainment. A country with many possibilities where you can hike, soak up culture, visit historic squares and churches, but also sunbathe and swim. We hope this article helps you find and book accommodations for that extra touch of adventure during your journey.

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